St. Agnes

St. Agnes left her lamb as a constellation
in the long January sky
and came down to sit in the snow.
O earth-colored heart, she makes a space
in the icicle air for song,
I wish I had dreamed of you
just once
. The snow permits
A pauper blue to escape the horizon.
Its one penny ascends to heaven.
Endless, now,
are the blue wants,
the dust of the stars,
the stars’ burning aprons.

Lindsey Warren is a recent graduate of Cornell’s MFA program. She has been published in various literary journals, and her chapbook manuscript Forest Filled with Your Eyes was a semifinalist for Verse’s poetry prize. Her three poetry collections are available from Spuyten Duyvil, and she is the creator and co-host of the poetry podcast Alternaverse. She lives in Delaware with her corgi.

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