Sun Worship

Yeah you could say the sun is a big deal here.

The sun: fun times, bad listener.

The sun, staring directly into its own reflection, blinded with

Me verse everybody! the sun kept saying, drunk. No contest.

That football game where we all noticed the sun could be a
bit much.

The time we saw the sun when it thought it was alone:
touched its finger to its arm and made the sizzle sound.

The sun, never returning the moon’s hello.

The sun, obsessively comparing its own gravity to that of a
black hole across the quad.

Our rare glimpse at the sun’s mom: beautiful, out of it.

The sun, gone three weeks, then back and won’t talk about it.

The sun, known to everyone but best friends with who?

The sun, don’t get me wrong, a legend.

The sun, always the one driving, top down, beaming.

That’s how I’ll remember the sun before the accident.

Gabe Durham is the author of three books, including a novel in monologues, FUN CAMP (Publishing Genius, 2013). His writings have appeared in the TLR, Barrelhouse, Hobart, Puerto Del Sol, and elsewhere. He lives in Los Angeles where he runs Boss Fight Books.

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