The Pit

the pit to the cherry. the pit in my stomach. soft, juicy,
sweetness interrupted by an unwelcome stone. impossible
to chew – i can only swallow it whole. i want to spit it out
but it’s too late. i feel the pit lodge in my throat before
sinking down to my core. suddenly, the weight of the pit is
crushing me. i am choked up and weighed down all at
once. it’s hard to breathe or move or smile or even cry. i can
feel the pit’s poison spreading. i am angry and sad and
confused. i wanted to savor this cherry. i planted the seed.
i grew the tree. i climbed the limbs. i picked the fruit. i
worked for this and waited for this – this season of my life.
this perfect cherry deserving of appreciation and
adoration and instead – the pit. the dark, cold, all
consuming pit of despair. surviving the pit took all of 
the strength i didn’t know i had. but i don’t blame the
cherry in fact – the cherry is the most rewarding bite
i will ever take out of life.

Note: “The Pit” first appeared in Madison’s self-published book Dear Mirror.

Madison Gonzalez is an Indianapolis-based Empowerment Poet, National public speaker and receiver of the Storyteller of the Year Award in 2019 for her work with a local non-profit.
Madison uses writing as a way to heal – herself and others. Madison’s work communicates the importance of self-love despite perceived imperfections and life’s ups and downs.
She knows the importance of a light in the darkness and hopes she can use her voice to be that for her readers by writing authentic, raw, and encouraging words. Her passion is to empower others to share their stories through storytelling coaching and courses. To further connect, follow Madison on Instagram: @toldpoetry or reach out via email

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