The Van Gogh experience

Van Gogh dies / crows weave this light
new brittle, chrome mesh / fabricate magenta
accents of lace— what did I do, what
did I wish for? What is death on-screen?

Van Gogh was the child with another’s name / destined to
not paint— / but to be an older, more reasonable man. I tell
him about love & status signaling in fashion / he prefers

He prefers craftsmanship—
death on-screen just got a whole lot juicier:
souls of metal, wire, & batteries.
We prefer salesmanship—
advertisements sat like feigned prey, / crows.

Dorothy Lune is a Yorta Yorta poet, born in Australia & a best of the net 2024 nominee. Her poems have appeared in Overland journal, Many Nice Donkeys & more. She is looking to publish her manuscripts, can be found online @dorothylune, & has a substack at

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