there is a way uv things

there is a way uv things
traveling skinsurface

lite opens & closes colour
like hot & cold water spigots at a kitchensink 

or the burning freeze that leaves
botheyes blind. 

there is a way uv things 
the way crustyeyes open after sleep 

or a baby’s butthole 
gushes yellow-green slime for relief

& old associates with unchanging mindz 
their visions remaining vampirediaries.

there is a way uv things
a dance uv sacredsecrets lifting porous mindz frum ignorance.

i hear the drone uv beatitudes
the buzz uv jetting mindz cruising above cleftchins.

i hear a president’s ego guffaw 
at the sucking sound uv the irateprotest

his every tweet a regurgitating snippet 
uv his manufactured makebelieve spewed as fakenews gospel.  

fauxleader-words biblical
to followers’ flatulent insistence to selfelevation, commodification, empire

hateseeds planted in the ground uv the truebeliever
ploughsharing the soil uv corporatemedia dominance.

there is a way uv things
a lifebalance thru the maze uv distorted discontent & misdirected discord.

there is a way uv things 
i hear the sacredjoy in children’s lafter 

& know the beauty uv the ineffable whatis  
know the reality uv death now in moments past & projected

& know no president, primeminister, general, pimp or pope
can silence nature’s law
that unstoppable river uv change
insistent, perception, moving.

there is a way uv things 
there is a way uv change

perception insistent
moving moments inside the law uv impermanence.

there is a way uv things
uv lite bursting frum your within.

there is a way uv things.
there is           a way uv things. 

Omowalé-Kétu Oladuwa

Omowalé-Kétu Oladuwa is the son of Carrie and John Taylor, Margaret Fisher and Tyrone Foster. He is the spiritual student of Chief James Hawthorne Béy, and is indebted to Elders Dr. Margaret Burroughs and Dr. Gloria Joseph. Poetry discovered Oladuwa on deathrow and has lived with him ever since. He has written as poet, journalist and essayist for more than 50 years, and has self-published two collections of poetry: in the tradition—all/ways moving freedom forward (2018); and bone sutures | unwiring the mathematic of blackbody otherness (2017). Between 2013 to 2015, Oladuwa published the poetry & music CDs: Blues Dahlia Book One—Nappy Root Resistance an Audio Memoir; Tone Poems from an Urban Baobab (with JATA his musical ensemble); A Thousand Thousand Fireflies Never Equal Zero, with Dr. George Kalamaras and Michael Patterson; and A Taste of Yam Music, with JATA. Married and the father of five children, he lives in Fort Wayne, IN, and co-produces the jazz revival, A Big Apple Jazz Club Series, and Public Square Poetry, a monthly reading series. His online presence is at,, and on FB at A Big Apple Jazz Club, and RootFolks Poets Press.

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