Things Grow Up and Out

When my sister found out
that my boyfriend is from England
she said, “what the hell.”
You’d think this were a question
but it almost never is.
She said there’d be something grave
growing between a part-red woman
and the man who is the reason why
she is only part-red.
She said the whole country has outgrown
and digested us.
Only the kernels and bean shells
And I said that’s fertilizer.
Think about being
something that grows in the earth.
Think about being something
that’s preceded contentions of the land.
Think about being forgiveness
and not simply having to give it.

Abby Radcliffe is located in Indianapolis. She is currently earning an MFA in poetry from Butler University while teaching at a local elementary school. Her work has appeared in Marian University’s literary journal, “The Fioretti.” 

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