Things That Will Cause My Phone to Die When it’s on 1% Battery

A video call with the person I was 
closest to falling in love with. 

Scrolling through the pictures I saved of 

Her when I was afraid 
she was going to ghost me forever. 

Spam sending the ghost 
emoji to 

All my contacts on every medium. 

Ordering a medium 

Pizza with the pineapples 
that would make R sick. 

Having a texting conversation with R 
about why she never called 

Me when I ventured to vent to her. 

Watching a video of R dancing 


Making a video dancing 
solo since currently no partner 

To dance with. A crowd of beautiful swimmers, 

Filling my phone with their twirling 

Spaghetti, zapping

My screen with effervescing eels.

A crowd of luminescent plankton 

Moshing in the most cordial manera. 

A crowd of maneras to say how dancing 
makes me feel. 

How dancing makes me 

How my love looks at 1%.

Cameron Haramia is a California-born Hoosier, who can be found on the dancefloor. He’s danced his way to Memphis, México, and marine animals. Haramia’s poems have appeared in Construction Literary Magazine, TL;DR, Leopardskin & Limes, Rabid Oak, & elsewhere.

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