Value: a songbird listing on an icy garden rake
trembling a leafless hapless spindly jurisdiction
as the ginger tom scrapes the frigid silver of the fence.

OMG: a chickadee in the winter? #WTF

Maybe a ghost bird? Symbolism? Why a chickadee?
Could be a sparrow? Thrush? Lark? Does it make a diff?

So not the point. Birds stay put sometimes in cold enough climes. Don’t u
ever look up? #watchthebirdie

Ok, then. FWIW, IMNSHO, it’s the cat that counts. See the OP.

WFM re cat being the value here – or is it the fence – why silver?

Silver and trembling: 2 wds not to be used ever in a poe-tree

Birds in this poe-tree can tremble or treble? Image
of little feathery throat-bumps of cold-song?
Listing is weird = grocery stores?

Cat is a guy – predatory male – femme poltix. #Yawn.

Just a cat. Cats stalk birds. Birds sing. #nobiggie

Treble means 3 Tremulous? Victim birds. Peeping Tom?
Tom’s a rake – play on wds?

SMH And here’s another: 2S4W


2 Stupid 4 wds.

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