V for Victory

Oh winged woman, bad-ass charioteer,

Zeus’ right hand, good luck charm.

Nike for the win!

I see your flowing gown of gold

and your palm branch of peace.

Wreath at the ready, shield born bold,

steadfast witness to victors valiant.

Did you know you’d be Goddess of the Logo?

Grace the Rolls, ride the Honda?

Ring every Olympian neck?

And then the shoe, the almighty shoe.

How far have you fallen?

How high have you risen?

What I really want to know—

as you fought the great Titanomachy

side by side with Zeus himself—

did you whisper in his ear, Just Do It?

Ann Weil is an award-winning educator and writer/researcher from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Her poetry can be read or is forthcoming in Third Wednesday, Eastern Iowa Review, Shooter Literary Magazine, The Healing Muse, Halfway Down the Stairs and San Pedro River Review. She earned her M.A. and Ed.D degrees from the University of Michigan, and when not writing poetry can be found in the lotus position pretending to meditate. Visit www.annweilpoetry.com for more information.

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