Welcome to Issue 19: Winter 2022


This year will be the fifth year since I founded The Indianapolis Review from nothing but a crazed vision in the night. I’m continually astounded by how we’ve grown with our contributors and our readership! You all amaze me.

While I was re-reading the poems in this issue, I was thinking how impossible it will be to choose only a handful of poems to nominate for prizes later in the year. There are so many incredible pieces, and I hope you find something that sparks for you.

You may also notice that I am taking a hiatus from featuring local poets and interviewing them. Instead, I am following up on an idea I had years ago: featuring the altars and spiritual/creative spaces of poets and artists. I know it’s very woo-woo, and some may think I’m a wackadoo, but this has been so much fun for me!

I used to see pictures of poets and artist’s various altars (from so many different spiritual and religious traditions) on social media, and think it would be so cool to create a book of them! While I’m not a book publisher and do not aspire to be, I realized I could just feature some folks in this journal.

We begin our Winter Issue with my own altar/spiritual space, as well as two of our staff members. Submissions are open for anyone who wants to submit their information. We will be doing 3 more features this year and choose multiple people for each (hopefully). Be sure to look at the submission guidelines and follow them closely for this feature.

If you’ll excuse me, I need to go buy a snow shovel.

Wishing you warm, winter light,

Natalie Solmer
January, 2022
Indianapolis, IN

“Am I really done working on this issue already?
Do I have to go back to grading papers?” 🙁

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