Welcome to Issue 22: Fall 2022

Dear Readers and Contributors,

This issue is a harvest: a document full of celebration and lament in the turning of the year towards winter. I hope that reading this issue will bring you a feeling of camaraderie in relating to these celebrations and laments.

Join Daniel Del Real and Indianapolis’s Global Village in celebrating Día de los Muertos and peruse our special feature on their gorgeous ofrenda exhibit (which can still be seen in person for a few more days!). Each ofrenda was created by an artist in the community and done in the style of a very detailed and personalized shadowbox. You have to check it out!

In this issue we also have two poems by different poets that celebrate and lament Indiana, and both happen to have ‘love’ in the title. Yet, Norbert Krapf and Derek Mong took very different approaches to their subject matter.

Speaking of different approaches to the same subject matter, Emily Pérez, Jeannine Hall Gailey and Donna Vorreyer wrote of the celebration and lament inherent in the aging body. Sometimes it seems like a theme develops in an issue of its own accord (like our Spring issue on environmental crisis), and this issue has quite a bit about that!

We are also featuring a couple of collaborative works: one by Luke Johnson and Megan Merchant with letter-poems to each other and one of the most interesting hybrid pieces we have ever published. It’s a graphic narrative written by Zebulon Huset and illustrated by Samantha Steiner called, “Setting Time On The New Smart Microwave,” in which said microwave asks ALL the questions about the meaning of life and the owner does his best to answer.

Happy reading, and happy autumn!

Natalie Solmer
Founder & Editor In Chief
The Indianapolis Review

October 2022, Indianapolis

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