Welcome to Issue 26: Fall 2023

To all of you who choose to keep on existing and making art, in spite of and in the face of all of the violence and horror and misunderstanding in this world, I applaud you. I am always honored to publish the wonderful poetry and art that is sent to us.

During the making of this issue, I was in the hospital with my son who needed a surgery from a sports related accident. I’ve always struggled with anxiety my whole life, and this was high alert. But in weeks before this occurred, hospitals in Gaza were being bombed. This was never far from my mind, and as I sat in an American hospital with electricity and a living son, the guilt, shame and anxiety were almost overwhelming. And as the weeks have continued, the news of the killing of thousands is beyond comprehension.

I know that so many of you are broken hearted and feel helpless about the atrocities occurring, the inconceivable number of human lives being lost every day, and of the hostages still missing or dead. I’m also extremely concerned about my friends–Muslim and Jewish who are even more vulnerable now to acts of either Islamophobia or antisemitism, which I have been seeing in the news more and more. I am worried about all of us and where we are headed. I also know that as writers and artists, we are all too sensitive to the pain and suffering of this world.

I can only urge those in the literary community to give each other grace in how they are expressing their grief and rage.

Despite all this, we are here publishing this issue of The Indianapolis Review and are very proud of it. I hope that you will enjoy the poetry and art found here, as well as the special feature on former Indiana poet laureate, George Kalamaras, as he discusses his Greek heritage and 300+ page epic book of poetry on said heritage and influential Greek writers and artists.


Natalie Solmer
Editor In Chief
The Indianapolis Review

Indianapolis, Indiana
November, 2023

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