Welcome to Issue 5

I’m typing this in the cafe of the Newfields museum in Indianapolis, staring through the enormous windows, watching the continual fall of the giant fountain, and the passing of storm clouds across the sky. I’ve been reflecting on the events of the past year; it’s hard to believe that this is our one year anniversary issue!

I’ve learned so much over this past year, and I must first thank you for visiting us and thank all of our contributors and readers who have supported us. I am so humbled, reading over this issue (and every issue) by the amazing work that poets and artists are doing and that they are trusting us with. Over the past year, we have published nearly 100 poets and artists!

Reading over these poems and viewing the artwork in this issue is something that gives me hope and makes me feel connected to the world around me.

The work that we are receiving from poets and artists just keeps getting better, and our decision making process for acceptances is getting harder! I will say to you if you are an artist or writer: don’t ever give up on your art. At times, I can get really disheartened with my own work, but when I neglect it, I become more depressed than ever. So, enjoy this issue, keep making your own art (whatever form that art takes), and treat yourself with kindness (something I constantly need to be reminded of)!

Also, be sure to read my interview with the brilliant Diane Seuss, who is one of my literary heroes. I’m so excited to be able to share this issue with all of you!


Natalie Solmer
Founder and Editor In Chief
The Indianapolis Review


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