Welcome To The Fall 2018 Issue

It’s become tradition for me to mention where I sit as I write my welcome note. Today I sit in the Marian University library, putting the finishing touches on this issue in between appointments with students. The huge glass windows of the library reveal the landscape: manicured lawn dotted with trees and shrubs beginning to glow red, orange, and yellow. As fortune would have it, the Indiana sky is signature oppressive gray.

But there is brightness emanating from me at the moment–I honestly didn’t know if I could get this issue together before November came. I know that many poets and writers out there are adjuncts like me and can understand the insanity that is deciding to teach at four universities. This is what I chose to do this semester, though I will certainly cut back this coming spring! However, with lots of help from my staff and some late nights, our fall issue has arrived.


I will say that I often find myself reading submissions and working on the journal when I am especially stressed and should be doing something else. Poetry and art are always asserting their presence in my life, and in keeping me alive. I find myself getting a satisfying pleasure from re-reading the works that were so lovingly entrusted to us by these authors and artists featured here. Amid the constant tragedy, trauma and tension that is ubiquitous in our country, especially in this midterm election season, putting together this issue has been like a balm.


I invite you to read and in many instances, listen to the poems published here. This is our first issue where we gave all the authors the option to publish recordings of their work, and the results are really exciting. I was very impressed by the quality of the recordings that were sent to us. In this issue you’ll find poems about AWP, Guitar Hero, Mothers, Grocery Stores, Copernicus, environmentalism and Kabul, just to name a few. The artwork is equally wide ranging, from photographs to wood block prints to visual poetry. I am also extremely pleased to present our featured poet, Hanif Abdurraqib, who gave rich and thoughtful answers to our interview questions.




Natalie Solmer
Editor In Chief
The Indianapolis Review


Indianapolis, 10-30-18