Welcome to the second issue of The Indianapolis Review!

It’s hard to believe that we are deep into October and that The Indianapolis Review is back, and badder than ever, with our second issue! Every one of us here at TIR: me, Lydia Johnson, Brianna Pike, and Rachel Sahaidachny are amazed and grateful that we are receiving such quality work by so many talented poets. This is an actual dream come true for us, and we are all very proud of Issue #2.

Recently, Rachel and I participated in a round-table discussion / interview regarding online journals over at Sonora Review (soon to be published), and we were asked if we are in the epoch of the online journal. I gave a resounding YES as our answer. I am so grateful for all the labor that is done in this community (mostly for free) so that great poetry can be shared far and wide.

Being an adjunct and single mother myself, smart phones and the proliferation of online journals, databases of poems and other poetry resources have been life changing for me. Running this journal is my way of giving back to the community and trying to enter the current poetic conversation-vital, necessary, exciting.

I noted in the Sonora interview that not only are we in the epoch of the online journal, we are in a “golden age” of poetry right now. There is so much innovative and gorgeous poetry being created right now, and the best thing is that I believe there is a little something for everyone. Poetry is coming down out of its lonely, white, academic tower. Anyhow, here is our little slice of this vast, golden poetry to present to you.


Natalie Solmer
Founder and Editor In Chief


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