White lie

I saw a flyer stapled to a telephone pole with the words:
“Looking to buy houseflies bred in Colombia.”

I had a couple of flying cockroaches from Honduras. I even had a gnat from Algeria,
but no houseflies bred in Colombia to profit from.

I continued to walk until I bumped into my doppelgänger at The Moroccan Lounge.
He asked me where I was from. I lied and told him Bogotá.

He put his machete away and told me I was lucky to be born in Colombia.
I agree, I thought, because in my original country of birth, most of us
are macheted to death by our doppelgängers.

Steve Castro - An Apartment in the City of Death

Steve Castro’s work is forthcoming in SLICE MagazineSalamanderDryland7×7. It was most recently published in Strange HorizonsThe Coachella ReviewSomos en escritoPALABRITASHeartWood Literary Magazine and Speculative Fiction For Dreamers: A Latinx Anthology (The Ohio State University Press). Regarding his debut poetry collection, Blue Whale Phenomena, (Otis Books – Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, CA) published in 2019, Shari Wagner wrote, “This is an amazing book, an astonishing first collection.” Birthplace: Costa Rica.

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