Yahrtzeit Prayer to be read from right to left

after Dujie Tahat

[candle this Light]

ABC’s my learning still am I
me teach to father my ask I when
.home secular our in Hebrew

[death one’s love your of anniversary the on]

,religion wanted I that wasn’t It
.smart me think would he that but

[peace bring to]

Hebrew, languages eight knew He
connected, strangest the
,away turned some ,dead our to ,God to
.murdered some

[ ________________ (name insert) of soul the to]

audacity the by struck was I
,alphabet foreign a of
.sound to given temper

[ ______________ of daughter/of son]

dissonant ,letters impatient 22
,dots ,dashes, consonants
song broken
read could I but ,speak to hard too
tone disapproving father’s my in
.silence of years thousand-two Tongue’s Holy the

[?nameless is or of spoken not is it if soul a know you do How]

H.E. Fisher’s poetry appears or is forthcoming in At Length, Anti-Heroin Chic, Miracle Monocle, and Canary, among other publications. H.E. is the editor of (Re) An Ideas Journal. Her first collection, STERILE FIELD, will be published by Free Lines Press in 2022.

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