Betting the Under

I saw you over the Persian navy / the Persians at Marathon in 490 B.C. / the big race / the blazing wicks // Saw you over the cheek-guard / chased with gold / over the dunes / and over the dust // I went over the archipelagos to you / over the rocks / and we heard rushing in the far distance / over the surplus revenue / in opposition to Government / when we’d look / over the living room ceiling all night // And these days I can still see you leaning / over the front seat / over the sofa-back / over the spattered table // Like, how a man looks / over the body of his son, or / over the people of a town or district // Am I supposed to just get / over the fact that he possesses a friend who loves him / when you two pass / over the red road / the green picket fence / the sound of countless woodland ducks // And me over this whole month getting / over the absent girl / walking over the ceaseless rails / over the factory stack from the industrial sector / the waste spaces / as the Creator had ordained it?





Assembled from lines of poetry beginning with the phrase “over the” from books in the Project Gutenberg library using Allison Parrish’s Gutenberg Poetry Autocomplete project




Kit Armstrong is a lifelong Westerner (Denver, Los Angeles, Boulder, and—someday—San Junipero) whose work has appeared at Hobart, Heavy Feather Review, and BULL: Men’s Fiction. Their tweets appear at @uraniumsweater.








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