Featured Artist: Shelby Alexander

 chrysanthemum hours



   one day (zig zag)



   pg. 23



  millimeters (experiencing tiny things)



 lucid diary



By pairing figure drawings with mountainous, tactile backdrops that are exclusively made of recycled clothing, Shelby aims to create works that highlight man’s exploitation of nature, particularly with regards to the pollution created by fast fashion. Her work aims to articulate the modern tension between beauty, consumption, and industrialization—and what that means for the future of the environment and global sustainability efforts.




Shelby Alexander graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2014 with a degree in studio art & design with a concentration in painting. She also studied fashion design at Pratt Institute in New York and was a studio resident for the South Bend Museum of Art. She is currently artist-in-residence for the Stutz Artists Association in Indianapolis. Find more of her work at https://shelbyalexander.com/