Burn II

I wanted to
begin this poem
with a supplication
breaking on my lips
but God,
I know I appear
like a flicker
but this time around,
I want to burn
in your language.

Ayoade Olamide, NGP i, currently studies Mass Communication in Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun State. He is an award-winning campus journalist, book publisher and freelance writer. He is the author of “Poets Don’t Sleep” and the 5th place winner of Nigerian Student Poetry Prize (NSPP) 2022. He is a sub-editor at OOU Campus Mirror and Social Media Volunteer at Valiant Scribe Literary Journal. His works have appeared/forthcoming in SprinNG, PoetryColumNND, Eremite Poetry, Hyacinth Review, PepperCoast Lit, IbadanArts, Artslounge, Woven Poetry, The Academy of the Heart and Mind, Ariel Chart, & elsewhere. He tweets @OlaThePenbleeds and can be found on Instagram @olamidethepenbleeds.

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