Featured Artist: Clark Lunberry

The White House*

Washington Monument

U.S. Senate in Session

JFK Gravesite

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

United Nations

New York City

Artist Statement:

These postcard poems arose from the discovery of my deceased father’s large collection of vintage travel postcards. At about the same period, I happened upon (largely by accident) ways in which small fragments from a copy of Marcel Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past (shredded for another project that I was working on) could be provocatively placed directly on the postcards, glued into the image.

A book of visual poems from this series was recently published, Seeking Frozen Sound ​(Tofu Ink Art Press, 2023)


​Clark Lunberry is a Professor in the Department of English at the University of North Florida, in Jacksonville, Florida. Along with ​his interdisciplinary scholarship and teaching, Lunberry is a visual artist | visual poet. http://www.clarklunberry.com/

*The White House and Tomb of the Unknown Soldier were previously published in Lunberry’s book, Seeking Frozen Sound: PostCardPoems, published by Tofu Ink Arts Press

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