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The following works of art were all drawn in ball point pen:



















Chase Cannon-

Biography of Chase Cannon

Chase Cannon was born to Suzanne and Jeff in Beech Grove, Indiana. Her earliest memories reside there, but her life didn’t truly begin until her family moved to Fishers in 2007. She had always been a lover of art, as all children are, but there came a turning point in her life where she had to make a decision as to whether she was going to pursue it with more dedication. It was her 7th grade year, having been nominated for the end of the year art award, she was ecstatic to have been considered, but crushed to find out she didn’t win. Her innocence and motivation was just enough to drive her to set a goal–to win the art award in her 8th grade year. She literally drew a picture every single day and worked ceaselessly to improve her skills, knowing she would not accept defeat. And she didn’t. On the last day of school in 8th grade, she was able to march up to podium where her art teacher proudly handed her a certificate that would mean far more to her than anyone realized. It was a turning point for her and a memory that is ingrained into her soul as one of the few defining moments of her young life.

After this year, she continued to strive for greatness and accepted commissions as a way to make money, but undoubtedly struggled with the commitments and responsibilities that this work entailed. She would not until years later obtain the discipline it took to follow through with a piece of work that held up to her standard in a timely manner. Nonetheless, she continued to persevere in her personal ambitions including winning dozens of art awards throughout her high school career which would prove to be instrumental in her college application process. She applied to 8 different art schools and not only was she accepted to all of them, but she was awarded scholarships to all of them. Some might assume is have her a difficult decision of where to go next, but only one stood out to her as the challenge she desired. Parsons, The New School in Paris, France.

So started the next chapter of her life. After having left high school, America, all of her friends, everything she knew and loved, she finally arrived in Paris, France living with a host family as a nanny to the children. She experienced all the hardships of leaving deeply comfortable life to adventuring off into a new and undiscovered one. There were tears, homesickness, and regret–at first. The discomfort was long lasting but ever deteriorating. Chase had many incredible experiences linked to her new school and friends, including being a performer in her professor’s performance art piece at the world famous Nuit Blanche festival in the center of Place Dauphine, Paris.

Though the design school was spectacular for her to experience, Chase felt the pressure coming in at her from all directions. It was too expensive, too far from where she lived, and too intrusive to her other responsibilities. So she quit Parsons, The New School, Paris. She was disappointed at first, but as do all ambitions, her next goal surfaced from necessity and circumstance. She decided to take the next year to maximize her level of French, expand her artistic portfolio, and study art history. The next chapter in her life would involve hard work and applying to fine art schools in Paris in 2018.

Today, she still lives in France and is working harder than ever to achieve her next goal and challenge her personal limits. She visits all the art museums in Paris, works on her portfolio obsessively, constantly conceptualises new ideas, and works on applications for art opportunities that she will execute over the summer in Fishers until she comes back to Paris in the fall.


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