Featured Artist: Jenn Powers

100 Hangups

After the Murder

Midnight Walk

Artist’s Statement:

These photos were taken in my hometown of Tolland, Connecticut, an old New England town with lots of history. In these pieces, I tried to bring my mystery thriller novel to life through the images. The novel itself is atmospheric—I attempted to make the setting its own character. I digitally manipulated the photos using various colors and layers to parallel the mood in my novel, which is quite dark. 

By looking at my work, I want the viewer to take on the role of witness, in a sense. The phone is used in my novel as a tool for the perpetrator to communicate with the victims. The woods, the bodies of water are places where the supposed crimes occur. And it’s during nighttime, including dusk or dawn, in this woodsy suburban town that evil is most active. Objects and settings carry a lot of weight in my novel by acting as symbols, motifs, metaphors in connection to something larger. 

Jenn Powers is a writer and visual artist from New England. She resides in New York and is currently working on a mystery thriller. She has work published or forthcoming in over 70 literary journals, including Spillway, CutBank, Witness, Gemini, Lunch Ticket and Prime Number. Her work has been anthologized with Running Wild Press, Kasva Press, and Scribes Valley Publishing, and she’s been nominated for the Pushcart Prize, Best of the Net, and Best Small Fictions. She’s also a PhD candidate in Creative Writing at Binghamton University.

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