Old School

*Replace “old school” with “trauma”

Old school is what I know,
It’s traditional,
Everyone I know was raised with old school knowledge,
It’s like some badge of honor.

As if nothing is good,
If doesn’t trigger,
Those old school thoughts,
Like old school is strength and comfort,
Synonymous with home cooking.

How do you know you’re loved if it doesn’t give you that old school feeling?

I collapse under
The weight
Of old school traditions.
Too heavy is the burden,
That I can never pass it on.

E.J. Batiste is a writer, screenwriter, poet, and artist originally from Raeford, North Carolina. She holds an MFA degree in Creative Writing from Queens University of Charlotte. E.J.’s creative work has appeared in various literary publications in North America and Europe. Find more of her work at ericajasmin.com or on Twitter and Instagram: @TheEricaJasmin.

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