When they began construction on the apartment complex,
there were dozens of men at the site. Some were building,
some were directing traffic, some were drilling with jackhammers.
One was drinking from a thermos.

Months later, I looked at the site and there were only two men there.
One had a grey shirt and trousers, and the other was wearing a yellow slicker.
They were just talking.

On the last day of construction, there was just one small boy left. He was on
top of the complex, holding an angel in his hand, the color of a bright red
cherry. Inside of him were many men.

Ricky Garni works as a graphic designer for a wine company and a composer. His most recent publications can be found in Softblow, Juked and Eunoia Review. His latest work are WOWED BY LARD (Secret Wing Dings) and a Bitterzoet’s tiny bonbon collection of poems (COO) printed on college lined paper, complete in ziplock with found materials such as  stamps, coins, and baseball cards.

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