Rapunzel in the Hood with 30 Inch Weave

Daddy problems dragged on her heart
Like nails to a chalkboard;
A fork to a glass plate

Clumsy pulse couldn’t keep up with her
Now it rides the cracks
Marbled mortuaries
Or couches where
Pennies tell stories of cling-clank days
In someone’s handor
At the bottom of someone’s purse

Rolled out in a grocery store
And turned into a turkey

Her heart could relate It had been a turkey once
Then a chicken

Heart, let her host hide behind Maybelline
Pretending to be the Queen of England
Instead of Post Road.
Shoot, sometimes Host put weave in her hair
Called herself Rapunzel

Her mouth dried and crusted
Into mold Piped with old folklore
about the day her heart ran away

She never learned to guard Heart
Now, she believes it somewhere with wolves

Chantel Massey is a poet, teaching artist, and educator from Indiana. She is a College of Wooster Alum with a BA in English. She is the author of Bursting At The Seams, published by VK Press LLC in 2018. Her work is forthcoming or appears in FAFCollective and elsewhere. Her current focus is on human rights, confessions and emotional honesty about: womanhood, sexuality, spirituality, and blackness. She also host Tea’s Me Cafe with poet, Eric Saunders every first Friday.

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