Jesus Drove a Honda

If he was rockin I was rollin’.
In those years of being uncontrolled when.
We thought we were a duo;
him Fitzgerald, I was Boldin.
In a car which had been stolen.
Numbed my conscious but was knowing
that I knew I was king
cause’ my granny said I was chosen.
But was stuck cause I was posin.
Played tough when I was told when
grab the flathead and vice grips
to pry the car door open.
Being cool my only focus.
Popularity: a drug that’s potent.
Peer pressure, self absorption
felt like I was overdosin’.
But I wasn’t, I was closed in.
Couldn’t move cause’ I was frozen.
K.T was like a cousin
but on this mission he was Moses.
He had ripped the ignition, down the middle
he was focused.
Pushed the pedal to the floor,
we went faster, we were coastin.
We were laughin’, we were jokin.
Passin’ cars and staring folks when
all those papers in the backseat
through the window, we kept throwin’.
But in the glovebox was a token
from the woman’s car we’d stolen.
Was a note that said Jehovah drew close
to those who’re broken.
And in that moment I was broken.
Yeah I own it. I was broken.
He kept driving but inside
I knew my heart it had spoken.
It said, “king your pride is swollen.
And your youth is almost over.
And the truth is that your sh*t stink,
boy I love you yeah I told you.”
Not me being crowned a soldier.
Not the car we crashed and totaled,
but was John Chapter 8
if I’m remembering straight or sober.
And in my wallet till this day
is that Bible verse that’s quoted.
And I guard with my heart
cause’ it’s crumbled up and folded.
And if I ever lose my wallet
I would surely go croak over.
Cause’ emotions of that moment
is what made me be a poet.

Jesus drove the honda.

Wallace Lane is a poet, writer, and author from Baltimore, Maryland. He received his MFA in creative writing and publishing arts from the University of Baltimore in May 2017. His chapbook, Jordan Year, is his debut collection of poetry which was released in May 2017. Wallace also works as an English and Creative Writing teacher with Baltimore City Public Schools.

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