Snow (Detroit 2018)

Coldness burns as hot as the boys back home,
Blurs your eyes to tears, bloodshot like the boys back home,
Makes mud out of its own purity like the boys back home,
Congregates on church steps like the boys back home,
Turns flights backwards like the boys back home,
Brings relief when it stops like the boys back home,
It is beautiful when it settles, like the boys back home

Derron Sandy is a 32-year-old Trinbagonian spoken word poet and arts educator. He is the director of a Trinidadian youth theatre program called I Am Christian Theatre (I-ACT) and Artistic Director of The 2 Cents Movement which is the leading Spoken Word Organisation in the Caribbean. His writing emerges primarily from the post colonial dilemma of the young black Caribbean male and the way in which they navigate a potentially dangerous 21st century.

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