Every time we throw our legs in the air

You             me            gum body

Laying side by side

Our silence etch words into the atmosphere

We giggle & start

Tick talking positions off our bucket list

Look at us

Me.     You.          timeless

Pure mix of fire & Ice

One for hotness the

Other to welcome the warmth of the heat

We are the reason numbers become formless

The reason twelve is always morning

Why nine and six are hungry permutations

Why one is the explosive drive

& zero the orgasmic truce

The clock is just a jealous wand         rotating       ticking & 

Moving against our pace

Or how else would you explain dinner time

When we just broke fast on our bellies

Roseline Mgbodichinma is a Nigerian poet, writer, and blogger. In 2018, she won the audience’s favourite award powered by Union Bank and Okadabooks for her short story, Silence that spoke. Her poem, The Giant, was published in the Poets in Nigeria (PIN) 2019 Anthology, and we were superheroes (another poem) was selected by Theresa Lola, the young people’s laureate for London to be featured in the “Say your peace campaign.” She occasionally writes on medium, but most of her works can be found on her blog at  

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